Thursday, 12 July 2018

Summer Crop Top

Hey guys and dolls! So sorry for the delay with putting this pattern up. I've had countless requests on my youtube channel to get this written out so here it is.

crochet summer top pattern

Materials Needed:

any weight 4 yarn
3.5 mm crochet hook
yarn needle for weaving in ends.

Ribbed waistband:

Start off by chaining 16. Single crochet into the 2nd chain from the hook. Single crochet to end. Turn.

Chain 1, single crochet into the back loops only across the row. Turn. Repeat this row over and over again until the band is long enough to go all the way around your under boob area! I did about 100 rows for an xxs/xs size.

When the band is long enough you are going to slip stitch the ends together (the first row you made stitched to the last row you made). Turn inside out so the seam is facing the inside.

So now you are going to make double crochets all the way around the top of the band. So if you made 100 rows or 110 rows or whatever amount of rows it took you to make you band long enough to go around you, make sure to double crochet that number around the band. For me it was 100 double crochets. At the end of that row slip stitch to the top of the chain 3.

Repeat last row 2 more times.

Front part of top

To find out how many stitches you need for the front area of the top you are going to half whatever number of stitches you had in the last row that you completed. For me I had 100 stitches so half that is obviously 50!

With yarn still attached chain 3 (counts as first double crochet) and double crochet into the next 49 stitches (or what ever number you have but don't forget that the chain 3 at the beginning is counted as a stitch).

For the next row we are going to begin the cup area of the top so in order to find out where to place you cups you are going to divide this front area into two again. For me I started with 50 stitches so half that is 25. Place a stitch marker into the 25th stitch in from the right.

So, chain 3 (counted as first double crochet), the double crochet two together (dc2tog), then double crochet into each stitch until you have two stitches remaining before the stitch marker. Here you are going to double crochet two together (dc2tog), then make a regular double crochet into the last stitch (the stitch that has the stitch marker).

For the next row and every row after that you are going to chain 3 (counted as first double crochet), then dc2tog, then double crochet into every stitch until three stitches remain. Dc2tog, then double crochet into the last stitch (top of the chain 3). Keep repeating this row until you have 3-4 stitches remaining.

For the next 22-24 rows you are going to keep double crocheting over these 3-4 stitches over and over again. This will be the strap. You should actually place the top on you to find out how many rows you need for the strap to go around your shoulder and reach the back of the top. Once it's long enough slip stitch the strap to the back of the top.

Now lay the top down on a flat surface with the front facing you and attach yarn next to the cup you just made. Ch 3 (counted as first double crochet) and make 24 double crochets (in total 25 sts) or what ever number of stitches you had when you made the last cup. Repeat the same steps you did to make the other cup.

Now you are going to single crochet all along the raw edges and along the straps. My video tutorial will show you in better detail how to do this 

And you are finished you cute little summer top. If you would like more coverage around the boob area I would suggest making single crochets around the cups.

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  1. Hey. Do you know about how much yarn it took to make this top? Tomorrow is yarn buying day and want to buy enough to make four color styles of this beautiful summer top for my friends and I! Will be posting on @gemini_tribe on Insta when I finish them. Thanks for another great pattern!! I love your website so much.