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Crochet High Waist Bikini Set

Yes, I know you’re asking yourself, “Carrie why on earth are you posting bikini patterns when the snow on the ground has barely thawed?”. Well my little internet family, I’ve has it up to my eyebrows with chunky sweaters, Pom Pom hats and fair isle this and that. I want to bring back the light cottons, the cheeky Brazilian and the oh so revealing bikini tops. Who’s with me? As you guys know by now I simply love creating summer fashions. Not that I have the body to fit into said fashions ( I can just about fit into a stocking these days!) but I do love them...and can only dream of one day fitting into a cheeky bikini. Hey I can just live my fantasies through all you lovely people! Anyhoo lets get into my newest project. A high waist bikini bottom and bikini top. Both of these are very easy to make and I would even recommend making these to any beginner crochet addict. I decided to design the bottoms with the sides open with just a lace weaved through each side. It gives the bottom a ni…