Monday, 18 September 2017

The Lara Knit Beanie

I've recently taken up knitting again and I'm completely obsessed! Long before crochet came into my life I remember being about nine years old learning knitting in primary school. Back then the nuns ruled most schools while "regular" teachers were few and far between. I remember I absolutely hated knitting! Basics such as casting on was an unbearable task altogether. Nothing about the craft stuck to me whatsoever. I suppose having a stiff lipped ogre of a nun luring over your shoulder shouting, "it's like pulling teeth trying to teach you". Oh the memories! Fast forward a few years and while in the comfort of my own home I self taught within a day. But somehow over the years I discovered crochet and dropped knitting. I had forgotten how much I love knitting. I love the textures of all the different stitches, something crocheting just doesn't live up to. Anyways, I'm rambling on quite a bit now. Fall has definitely arrived here in Ireland and I really couldn't be happier. It is after all BEANIE SEASON!! Here's how I made this simple knit beanie.


Super Bulky yarn
7 mm circular needles (16") or double pointed needles.
A stitch marker
Tapestry needle.

Cast on 50 stitches.

You will be starting with the band of your beanie so begin with your knit 1, purl 1 ribbing. Continue until you have completed 9 rows.

Row 10 - 34  Continue in stocking stitch. If you want a slouchier hat simply add more rounds.

Row 35- 37 Knit 2 together all the way around to the end of the round.

Cut your yarn leaving a long tail. Thread your yarn on to a tapestry/yarn needle and weave through the remaining stitches. Pull tight to close the top of the hat and secure the end of the tail in the inside of the hat. Weave in all ends. Add a pom pom if desired.

Your hat is now complete. In the photo above I made the beanie in 3/4 burgundy and 1/4 cream but of course any color way will be perfect.

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