Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The Sophia Crop Top

Hi everyone! Boy it's been forever since my last post, and for that I feel really bad. But today I have this beautiful crop top for you all to make. I named it the "Sophia" after my daughter, beautiful and elegant.

So, for this crop top I used a 5mm crochet hook and a weight 4 yarn.


Picot = chain 3, then slip stitch into the bottom chain (the first chain you made)

The cups:

Start by making a chain of 11.

Single crochet into the 2nd chain from the hook and continue down the chain in single crochet until you reach the last chain. Make 3 single crochets in the last chain.

Turn your piece upside down so you are working on the opposite side of the chain. Single crochet to the end. Turn.

Chain 1 and single crochet until you reach the middle stitch of the 3 single crochets you made in the previous row. In this stitch make 3 more single crochets. Continue down the side of your piece making 1 single crochet into each stitch.

Repeat the last row until the cup is big enough to cover your breast.

Cup edging:

With your yarn still attached, chain 1, single crochet into that first stitch, *chain 2 , skip next stitch, single crochet into the following stitch. Repeat from * all the way around the cup.

Next row: chain 1, **single crochet into first ch2 space, ch3, slip stitch into 1st ch, sc into same ch2 space. Repeat from ** into every ch2 space around.

For the neck strap make a chain of 300. Fold chain in half and weave through top of cup. Put your cups to one side.

Main body:

Chain 86.
Single crochet into the 2nd chain from the hook. Single crochet all the way across the chain. Turn.

Chain 4 (counts as first dc and a ch 1), skip next stitch, dc into the next, **ch 1, skip next stitch, dc into following. Repeat from ** to end.

Next row: Ch1, and sc into every dc and ch 1 space from previous row. Make sure to put a sc into last space and another sc into the 3rd ch of your ch4.

Next 2 rows: Ch1, sc to end.

Next row: Ch 1, sc into same space, **ch 5, skip 3, sc into the fourth st. Repeat from ** to end.

Next row: Ch 3, sc into first ch5 space, 7dc into next ch5 space, ***sc into next ch5 space, ch2, sc into next ch5 space, 7dc into next ch5 space. Repeat from *** until you reach last last ch5 space. In this last ch 5 space make a sc, then make a dc into the next sc from the previous row.

Next row: Ch 1, sc into each of the next two stitches. Then make a (dc, ch 3, slip stitch into first ch) into each of the next 6 dc. When you reach the 7th dc just make a dc into this stitch. Do not make a ch3 into this last dc. ***Then sc into next sc, ch2, sc into next sc, then (dc, ch3, slip stitch into 1st ch) into each of the next 6 dc. When you reach the 7th dc just make a dc into this stitch. Do not make a ch3 into this last dc. Repeat from *** to end. Make a sc into last space. Cut yarn and weave in all ends.
Attach yarn to one of the corners and make a ch of 300. Repeat on the other three corners.

Find the middle of the body part and place a marker in that spot. With all pieces wrong side facing you sew a cup to one side of the marker and then sew the second cup to the other side of the marker. 

To make the tie on the front all I did was make a chain of 60 and weave it through the "holes of the cups and attached tassels on each end of the chain.

And that's it. You are good to go!

You can now follow the step by step video tutorial below.


  1. Did you use a cotton or another kind of yarn?

    1. I used a weight 4 cotton yarn. Not sure what brand it was as it ws lying around the house for some time!

  2. Somebody on Ravelry said this pattern is not complete?

    1. Not sure why she said that but the pattern is complete. Thanks for letting me know though x

  3. The cups aren't making sense to me. Yours look more triangular. With a straight bottom. Mine are coming out ovalish. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

    1. Nevermind...i got it. Lol thanks for the pattern! 😊

    2. I’m having the same problem, would you mind telling me what you did to rectify it? Thank you!🤗

    3. im having the same problem too. how did you correct this? thx

  4. Is the written part of the main body different than what is pictured?

    1. Yes. Mine turned out different than the photo too.

  5. I am confused with the following step of the body:

    Chain 2, **skip next single crochet, single crochet in the following**. Repeat from ** to the end.

    If I do exactly what is written, I'll be decreasing the total number of stitches.......

    1. I did a chain one then single crochet

  6. Hello��from Puerto Rico. Love your patterns. Thanks for sharing. Can this crop top be made using Aunt Lydias 100% cotton size 10? And what size needle?
    Thank you have a nice day

  7. Oh my gosh! These are totally cute I would love to connect with you I think this will def. Be next weeks project how many balls of yarn did you use?

  8. this is gorgeous !!! love it ! thanks for sharing!! just wondering what size it is? and do you have a gauge? I tend to crochet on the tighter side !

    Thanks :)

  9. This pattern isn't exactly as pictured. For example, the pattern suggests you make 4 DC with picot in every 2 chain 5 spaces, while the picture shows 7 DC with picot. Also, the picture shows 6 picot shells total while I am working in the last row right now, I am going to have 9. I am also not sure how I will be ending the row yet but I will figure it out.

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  11. The scallop edging is missing. According to the picture there are 9 DC in each ch5 above the 4 DC then sc in next ch5,, ch2, sc in next ch5 sp, then 9 dc in the next ch5 loop across. Next row has dc, dc with ch3 sl st picot until you have 7 picot then a final dc. sc in next loop then repeat.

  12. So why is the pattern different for the main body than the picture? I got this far and it's a different pattern??

  13. hello, i was wondering if anyone has managed to follow the instruction and get exactly the design in the picture showed?

    mine is coming out really different with lots of rows missing:/ the scallops are also simpler.

  14. I'd like to order yarn to make this project but your pattern doesn't say how many yards it needs?

  15. You are an amazing designer. This top is gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing it. I can't wait to give it a try.

  16. Is this written in US terms?

    This is for the body of the Bralette.
    Ch 74. Turn, sc across.
    Ch 2, turn, dc across.
    Ch 3, turn, skip 1, dc, (Ch 1, skip, dc(repeat)).
    Ch 2, turn, (dc in the space, dc(repeat)).
    Ch 7, turn, skip 4, sc, (Ch 6, skip 3, sc(repeat)).
    Ch 3, turn, sc in the space, (dc in next space 14 times, sc in next space, Ch 6, a.c. in next space(repeat)), Ch 3, sl st to the end of the row.
    Turn, Sl st along previous chain(4 sl st), (dc in 1st dc on the shell formed by the 14 dc space, Ch 1, skip 1, dc(repeat until at the end of the 14 dc shell), Ch 1, a.c. in the next loop, Ch 1(repeat all of the parenthesis)), skip the last dc in the last 14 dc shell, sl st in the last loop, sl st 4(should be the end of the row).
    Ch 5, (sl st to the dc that has a post below it, not a space, in the 14 dc shell, (picot, sl st to the next post in the shell(repeat for each 14 dc shell)), sl st to the sc post, picot(repeat)), Ch 5, sl st to the end of the row.
    Ch 60-70 and sl st along to create the straps. If you want it exactly like the picture, put 2(4 total) of these 60-70 stitch straps on each side.
    These instructions will get it to look like the picture, it isn't exact but hopefully it makes more sene than the instructions provided.

  18. ALSO, IF YOU WANT TO MAKE YOURS A LITTLE BIGGER(the above was written to look exactly like the picture) you just add in increments of 12. So we started with a base Ch of 74, but since I wanted to make mine a little bigger, so my base Ch was 86. It just adds another 14 dc shell to the pattern. I hope this helps you all finally finish this Bralette.

  19. Fab thanks for this what size would it be as per the pattern?


  21. Does anyone have the pattern from before for the main body? it was really cute and I wish I could find it!