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Retro Off The Shoulder Crop Top

My love for off shoulder crop tops is growing day by day. There are just so many ways to make them. So what do you all think about incorporating the granny stitch into one? I love this idea! There are endless colour combinations you could stitch together, the thoughts of it is literally making me salivate at the mouth!
Looking at the picture below any novice crochet lover might think making this top will be a challenge but really it isn't. It's quite a repetitive pattern, and no crazy out of this world stitches are needed for the making!

Right let's get the show on the road! For this project I used a 4mm crochet hook and a DK yarn also known as light worsted or 8 ply or a weight 3 yarn. When I first made this top I used a regular worsted/aran yarn but it came out slightly heavy for my liking.
The instructions here will fit a small to medium size.
If you want to customise this top to your own body shape just chain multiples of 3 plus 2. Make sure that when you are fini…

Summer Hippie Headband

Hey guys and dolls! Today I have a super easy pattern for you all to follow along with. Easily customisable to fit a baby, toddler, child or an adult. It's even perfect for the beginner crochet lover.

So, all you need for this little treasure is a 4mm crochet hook and scraps of worsted yarn. 
Chain 4. Then make 2 double crochets into the 3rd chain from the hook. Chain 2, then make 3 double crochets into the last stitch. Turn.
Chain 2, then make 3 double crochets into the chain 2 space in the previous row. Chain 2, then make another 3 double crochets into the same chain 2 space. Turn.
Repeat this last row until you have made the headband long enough to wrap around your head.
Fasten off leaving a long tail. Sew the two ends together.

Enjoy xx

Off The Shoulder Crop Top

Hey guys and dolls! Today I'm so excited to be sharing this amazing off the shoulder crop top pattern with you all. These guys are trending like crazy at the moment but so far I've not seen any patterns for them....until now!!

Ok so let's get into it. For this top I used a 4mm crochet hook and a cotton worsted weight yarn (size 4). The instructions provided in this pattern will fit a size small to medium. To make bigger just increase your foundation chain by 4-5 stitches.
Begin by chaining 103. (If you are beginning your chain with a different number make sure it's an odd number)
1st row: Double crochet into the 4th chain from the hook. Double crochet to the end of the row. Turn. Ch 3.
2nd row: Double crochet into each stitch to end. Turn. Ch 3.
3rd - 13th row: Continue each row by making a double crochet into each stitch across like previous rows.
14th row: Ch 5, skip 2 stitches, then double crochet into the next. *(Ch2, skip 2, double crochet into next to end)*. Repeat f…

Simple Summer Halter Top

Hey guys and dolls! Sorry it has been an eternity since my last post but family life has once again got in the way. My boyfriend's dad has not been too well and on top of that we recently moved house. But I'm back again and I've lots and lots to share with you guys over the next few weeks.
 The weather here in |Ireland has been relentless it's literally beyond a joke at this stage! If I'm not mistaken I think it has rained every single day for the last two weeks. I WANT SUMMER NOW!!! So with that I've decided that my next few patterns will be summer related (YEAH!!), and to kick things off I have this super easy halter top.

I used a 5mm crochet hook and worsted yarn. If you are from the UK I would suggest using an aran weight or a slightly chunky yarn.
Instructions not shown for colour sequence
For small/medium size I made a chain of 57. If you want it slightly bigger increase your chain by 4 stitches.
After you have made a chain of 57, hdc into the 3rd chain f…